Cloud B, Where good sleep begins!

We are excited to announce our new baby line called Cloud B.

Nothing is more important for your child than a good nights sleep.

This is were Cloud B comes into play.

We have four fantastic creatures that will soothe your child to sleep.

Our first animal is the Twilight Owl, which makes fear of the dark a

thing of the past. This whimsical Turtle :

– Eases fear of the dark.

– Projects actual star constellations.

– 45 minute timer ensures complete darkness, as recommended by Pediatricians.

– Projects three soothing color options, blue, green, and amber.

Next we have Peaceful Panda, peaceful sounds will soothe your little one into

serene slumber.

This cuddly Panda has eight soothing sounds and melodies.

-Adjustable volume.

-Scientifically proven to promote better sleep with these sounds

-Ideal for Newborns and up.

This soft bear even has a heartbeat setting that mimics the sounds of a

Mothers Womb.

The third animal is an Owl called Sweet Dreamz on the go

This Owl promotes comfort and relaxation. Sweet Dreamz comes

with builtin nite light along with calming sounds and melodies.

Sweet Dreamz includes a mothers heartbeat and a soothing shhh

sound as well as four additional tranquil lullabies.

-This has a builtin sound soother that reactivates when baby wakes or

makes noise.

-Can attach to bed, stroller, or car seat. Its compact and easy to carry

which makes it so convenient.

The fourth is Twinkles to Go Octo.

Twinkles is made for traveling, it transforms any dark and scary new place

into an underwater dreamland, whether in the backseat or hotel room or

strange new room.

-Promotes sweet sleep and eases fear of the dark.

-Projects patterns of stars and fish blowing bubbles.

-Ideal for children of all ages.

There are four wonderful options to pick from. We are sure one of them

will fit your and your little ones sleeping needs.

Happy Dreams!

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